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My Profit Canvas Review

About the training:

I went through the training, and it’s the usual great content they provide. You will discover things like:

  • How to build high-converting squeeze pages.
  • What Google is REALLY looking for, and how to get them to send you free traffic.
  • How to get cheap traffic from Facebook.
  • How to do affiliate marketing the RIGHT way.
  • How to create and launch a profitable product.

I don’t want to hype up the content, but Brett and Mike are people you need to listen to.

About the software:

I used the software for several hours. Here are the highlights:

  • A drag-and-drop page builder that allows you to create squeeze pages, video landing pages with calls-to-action inside the video, webinar pages, salesletters, and CPA landing pages.
  • Many ready-made templates that look great. You can use a visual editor to modify them and use them in your own marketing.
  • You can create a page online and then link directly to it, without downloading or uploading anything.
  • You can also download the page, and upload it to your own site if you want.
  • Really fast support. I had a few questions and found a couple of glitches in the software, as I was testing it. All my questions were addressed and the glitches fixed by Brett within HOURS.

What I did not like!

The pages the software creates are not fully mobile responsive. For example, you cannot set the width of the pages to take up 80% of the visitor’s screen.” You can only set a specific width in pixels, so the pages are not truly responsive.



  1. This software & training proved to be very effective in generating huge commission for affiliate marketing.
  2. Profit Canvas is really easy to use and sales pages can be set up and displayed on your website within minutes with great video training. The only critisism is that the sales & squeeze pages created by the software are not responsive for viewing on mobile devices.
  3. The normal price for this amazing product is $67/month but we have a special deal for just $47 for lifetime use.
  4. In my opinion this software and training is the best available for affiliate marketers to make money online daily. Rating 4.5*


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