Insta Viral Scam

Insta Viral Scam

There’s a new viral software that was launched today instaviral – and well personally i would give it a miss.


Well before I tell you why let me tell you about it!

It creates viral competitions. One of those where the more you share the more points you get.

Sounds great right – as everyone wants to win a completion.

While the software does what it promises, the interface is awful. Like seriously it looks so 90s!

Now functionality is important but so is the interface.

The other issue is that you can’t create unlimited competitions on the front end – you have to upgrade!

What I recommend

If you go to appsumo and look for King Sumo you will get a much better deal and a cleaner interface and better functionality for less than the price of FE and the OTO

INSTA VIRAL is a rehashed version of -:

The vendor has chosen to remove Clickback Rewards so all of his customers no longer have access to it in order to release Insta Viral which operates virtually the same.

I think this is totally unethical and an outright scam so will definitely not be purchasing!