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Jack Jacker

This is the original Jack Jacker plugin, which allows people to jack any web page and put their own call to action text over it. Jack Jacker is designed specifically to work with CPA offers.

The upgraded version of Bretts Jack Jacker WordPress plugin. This version has additional features that let you change links on the pages you jack to point to your own URL. It also lets you add your own HTML code inside of the jacked pages.

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ClickBar Gold

Bretts WordPress plugin that allows you to put a call to action bar on any of your WordPress pages. This is a great lead magnet to build a list with.

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Support Chat

Put a live chat inside of any WordPress site.

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FB Pixel Insert

Facebook Pixel insert. Add a Facebook tracking to all of your WordPress site pages and posts in seconds and start taking advantage of retargeting to increase your sales and conversions.

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Currently Viewing

This plugin will allow you to show your visitors, in real time, the number of people that are currently viewing any of your pages or posts. This is a great way to add scarcity and urgency to any of you promos. The version being offered here is the 100% unbranded version that makes no mention of Brett inside of it. This version has never been offered before!

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FB LinkPost

Put clickable / linkable call to action graphics on Facebook, in your timeline, on your fan pages, and even in groups.

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Bounce Baby Plugin

Bounce Baby - stops visitors leaving your website by redirecting to another page on exit intent!
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