David Blaine’s Incredible Card Tricks

David Blaine’s Incredible Card Tricks


First of all, thank you for being here. I called and I was begging you to be here before the special air. I so the special already and it’s amazing. I don’t know how you to do, what you do. And it’s I’m always plan of way by everything. So thanks for being here. >> Thank you. So do some weird stuff right now, will you? I need a somebody I can come up here. Do you wanna. >> Whoever you want. Whoever. >> It’s up to me? >> Yeah. It’s up to you. Maybe the girl with the blue. Yeah, yeah yeah right here. Perfect. I need you to make sure it’s okay. Great, now what I’m going to have you do is, let me give you this Sharpie, take that. Choose a card but don’t let anybody see it. Don’t let anyone see it, so take one out and show nobody. And can you put your initials on the face of the card? >> I can. >> Don’t let anybody see. >> No one look. >> Just hold it up and sign the face. Don’t let anybody see it, Ellen. >> No one’s seen it. >> Great. >> No one can see it. >> And then do this for me, say stop. >> Stop. >> Okay, put it back. And you remember the card, right? >> I do.

>> That’s important. >> Yes. >> Yeah. So now, you’re gonna do this with Ellen. >> Okay. >> Now, it’s important to know that Ellen’s card isn’t at the bottom, nor is it at the top, okay? But as I shuffle, you’re gonna try to estimate where Ellen’s card ends up. Ellen, hold your left hand palm up and put your right hand above, but do not say your card, but press the whole deck. Hold them so nothing spills. >> Okay. >> So now, I can’t do anything. I actually like this trick so much I’m going to watch it from the audience of me. >> [LAUGH] >> You’re going to decide where the card is in the deck.

Wherever you say it is, the card will be in that exact location. Okay. 13th from the top. >> 13th? >> Yes. >> If you’re not sure, you can change. >> No, I decided. >> Okay, so then the card is 13th. Ellen, count 13 cards. Hey, hold your hands up. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, 11, 12 and show everybody your card. >> 13. Show it. Where’d you sign? It’s hard to see the signature. >> I didn’t, that’s not the card. >> [LAUGH] >> That’s not your card? >> No. >> Cuz I took the card out of the deck Ellen. I folded it four times, flicked it through the air and it landed under the face of your watch. Can you turn your wrist over? There’s a card under there. Yeah, show everybody, show the camera there’s a card. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Is that >> [APPLAUSE] >> You can take it out, open it up.

>> [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] >> Thank you, thank you very much. >> Wow. >> Thank you. >> Thank you. Nice meeting you too. >> We’re not done yet. >> We’re not done, we’re gonna- >> Am I done? >> Yes, you’re done, you can go away. >> [LAUGH] >> Can we do, yeah, let’s do another one and then we’ll take a break. [CROSSTALK] Yeah, yeah, I want to see more, don’t you? >> [APPLAUSE] >> All right. >> For this one, I need a strong guy. There’s a guy there with his arm up.

>> With the black shirt? >> Yeah. >> Yeah. >> With the black shirt, can he come up? >> Yeah, there? >> [APPLAUSE] >> And now can you mix these a little bit? >> All right. How you doing? >> Very good. How are you doing? What’s your name? >> Josh. >> David. Nice to meet you Josh. >> I’m Ellen. >> [LAUGH] >> So Josh the reason I ask for somebody strong it a perfect that’s a serious soft by the way. >> All right. >> Thar’s good. Can you, let’s take like a quarter of the deck. Will group like this. Make I want you to Cut them in half. >> Yeah. >> Yeah. >> It’s gonna be difficult, yeah. >> [LAUGH] >> You said you were strong. >> [LAUGH] >> You put your hand up. >> No, to be honest, it’s very difficult to do it. >> Okay. >> You want me to, okay. >> No, keep those not two two, put them in your pocket or something, yeah.

>> [LAUGH] >> But if you were to do it, here’s the way you’d do it. So, you just squeeze the deck like this, and then you just, See, that’s how you cut the deck in half. >> [APPLAUSE] >> Ellen, which half do you want? >> I’ll take this half. >> Okay. >> Pick up a group of cards put them on the bottom. So, yeah, cut the deck complete it.

>> Mm-hm. >> Good and again, pick up a group put them on the bottom. Can you do it behind your back? >> Mm-hm. >> Cut the deck. >> Okay. >> Complete the cut but leave them behind your back. >> Okay. >> And then I want you to choose either the top or the bottom card and hide it in your pocket. Either the top or the bottom piece and hide it in your pocket. >> Okay. And the rest we don’t need, the big pile. >> Okay. >> Great. Here’s the idea, you’ll do this for me. You can see that all of the cards are completely shuffled, everything is different, Ellen actually mixed the deck. Good? >> Good. >> Thank you. >> You’re welcome. >> She did a great job, yes? Just reach in. Most people go for the obvious card. Like the ace. Or most people might go for the other ace. >> I did not. >> [LAUGH] >> You took the king, were gonna go for the obvious card, then you changed.

Well you took half of a card. >> I did. And Ellen took half of a card. >> [LAUGH] >> But when you chose a card, you actually made a choice. When Ellen chose a card, she did it behind her back and she had no idea what she chose. But together you have a whole card. Should I takes the pot?

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