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David Blaine’s Incredible Card Tricks

David Blaine’s Incredible Card Tricks  First of all, thank you for being here. I called and I was begging you to be here before the special air. I so the special already and it's amazing. I don't know how you to do, what you do. And it's I'm always plan of way by everything. So thanks for being here.... Read More »

David Blaine Crazy Bullet Trick Gone Wrong

David Blaine Crazy Bullet Trick Gone WrongWatch This Video! David Blaine pulls some crazy stunts but this one is simply amazing. He actually pulls the trigger that fires a high speed bullet at his head and he catches it in his mouth! Save Save Save Save Save Save Save... Read More »

Viral Video Funny Dogs 2

Viral Video Funny Dogs 2This has to be the most loyal dog in the... Read More »

Viral Video Baby and Cats

Viral Video Baby and Cats... Read More »

David Blaine Unbelievable Frog Trick

David Blaine Unbelievable Frog TrickWatch The Video Below! ¬†David Blaine pulls another crazy stunt that is shown on this viral video. He actually pulls frogs out of his mouth after he asked the audience to name and draw a small creature that could fit in your hand and they requested frogs! Save... Read More »

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