2020 Top Online Directories PLR Review

2020 Top Online Directories PLR Review

Get More Clients Fast By Giving Away This PowerPoint Presentation to Local Businesses Who Are in Desperate Need of Marketing Help!

We all know that small business owners don’t have the time to sit down and submit their sites to all these directories. But when you give them this presentation as a gift you will build instant credibility and rapport. Then after they review the information they’ll be thinking to themselves, “No way I have time to do all this stuff.” That’s when you offer to do it for them. For a nice fee of course!
In reality, you can use this product in one of several ways. Ultimately, it’s up to you. After you customize with you own contact information you can:
  • ​Save it as a PDF and give it to your clients for free.
  • ​Save it as a PDF and sell it
  • ​Create an online video and give it away or sell it
  • ​Use is to present at a local networking event., Ex., Chamber of Commerce
  • ​Use it for a webinar presentation
  • ​Convert it to a print book and give away as an instant credibility builder!
  • ​The list could go on…
It really boils down to three critical reasons why this product should be important to you to implement in your business right now…
  • Reason One: This presentation covers – in detail – each step that a company needs to take to get their site registered in all the major local directories.
  • Reason Two: It comes complete with screenshots and detailed instructions on how to complete each step.
  • Reason Three: It focuses on the Top 15 online directories so they don’t spend wasted time submitting at directories that won’t help them.


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